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Internet Marketing Service
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Step One: Get your Business' Online Presence Established
(approximately 3 months to accomplish)

There are many ways to accomplish establishing your online presence. First we must complete an analogy and research of your business and its competition within your local market. Again, this process may take up to 3 months.

Step Two: Process a Business Approach and Action Plan
Upon completion of your market analogy, we will then develope a business approach and action plan. Now that your business has presence on the internet, it is necessary to direct customers who are looking for your product or service. Search positions are pending on many different variables. While it is impossible to guarantee a number one place in the search results, positioning above the fold can be accomplished with sound SEO (search engine optimization) strategies and approaches.

Step Three: Monitoring and Maintenance
This step is as important if not more important than steps 1 & 2. Monitoring the online activity is the first rule of a steady progress to increase customer awareness of your business or service. Using a process called split testing where different tactics and methods are implemented. The more successful approach wins out over the other. Maintenance: The online world is constantly revolving and changing. Being aware of these changes and conforming is a must to the maintenance.

Step Four: Promotions
Product or Service Promotions are a positive way to boost not only your online status but provides an increase (Burst of Business) which can set you apart from your local competitors. There are many types of promotional activities, and they will depend on the strategy of what the promos are trying to achieve.

In Closing
In order for Galaxy Developers to provide the best benefit for our clients, we must choose carefully the business or services that we take as clients.

• A business will not be accepted if we feel our program cannot be beneficial for the business or service

• A business will not be accepted if it has a low moral value

• A business will not be accepted if your type or category of business is the same as an existing client within a 5 mile radius (due to competitive deceptiveness)

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